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All Our Shades Can Be Motorized
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All our shades can be controlled remotely, either by a remote control, a smartphone app, or a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Roller Shades and Sheer Ripple Fold with Motor

Motorized Roller Shades Screen and Blackout

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High-Quality Products

Our custom shades use the best materials and components, offering a better presentation and a longer useful life.

Made in USA

The shades we sell are made in Miami, FL. So, if you need a replacement we are close to you, to quickly get where you need it.

Direct Factory

Buying direct from manufacturers you get better prices, personalized attention and a guarantee without intermediaries.

Demanding Customers, High-Quality Products

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We are a family business with more than 17 years of experience in decorating curtains and blinds. To date we have more than 20,000 jobs done in South Florida, Georgia and private islands in the Bahamas.


We have the support of highly trained team in our business. Based on this we can offer a professional and disciplined service for the delivery of our decorative products.


In 2023 we decided to create D’Moda Shades, as a subdivision of our Company, to focus on a broader and not exclusively regional target audience.